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Menu | L' Aroma Restaurant

Food Menu



Food Menu

Hours of Operation
 6.00pm to 11.00pm
12.00pm to 11.00pm



ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
Anchovy Bruschetta (4 pieces)
Anchovy Bruschetta (4 pieces)Toasted bread, topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, onions, anchovies and olive oil.5.50
BBQ Chicken Wings
BBQ Chicken WingsSeasoned breaded chicken wings served with homemade barbecue sauce.7.50
Classic Foccaccia (v)
Classic Foccaccia (v)Pizza base with garlic, olive oil, rock salt, chilli and rosemary.6.00
Fried Calamari
Fried CalamariSeasoned calamari, fried and served with tartare sauce.9.00
Fried Goat's Cheese (2 pieces)
Fried Goat's Cheese (2 pieces)Served with forest fruit dressing.7.50
Garlic Bread (4 pieces) (v)
Garlic Bread (4 pieces) (v)Toasted bread with garlic butter and herbs2.90
Pot of Mussels
Pot of MusselsFresh black mussels cooked in white wine, garlic, tossed in delicate fish stock and lemon.9.50


ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
Chicken Chunks & Chips
Chicken Chunks & ChipsFresh, breaded chicken breast chunks.5.00
Kids' Pizza
Kids' PizzaTomato sauce, mozzarella and wudy sausages.6.50
Penne Tomato or Cream Sauce
Penne Tomato or Cream SaucePenne with tomato or cream sauce., , 5.00
Portion Chips
Portion Chips2.50
Sausage and Chips
Sausage and ChipsAn old favourite!5.00


ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
Chicken Fillet Burger
Chicken Fillet BurgerGrilled fresh chicken fillet with coleslaw, served on a toasted brioche bun, with fries.8.50
Classic Burger
Classic Burger250g Grilled Angus beefburgers, lettuce and tomatoes served on a toasted brioche bun, with fries8.50
Melting Pot Burger
Melting Pot Burger250g Grilled Angus beef burger, caramelised onions, mushrooms, melted cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, served on …10.50


ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
Chicken Caesar Salad
Chicken Caesar SaladGrilled fresh chicken breast, bacon Parmesan shavings, Caesar dressing, cherry tomatoes and croutons, served on …9.50
Fresh Fish Soup (Aljotta)
Fresh Fish Soup (Aljotta)Homemade soup with fresh fish, served with rice and fresh herbs.7.50
Greek Salad
Greek SaladFeta cheese, onions, black olives, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, served on a crispy green salad.8.50
Salmon and Rucola Salad
Salmon and Rucola SaladSmoked salmon, caviar, black olives, balsamic dressing and cherry tomatoes, served on a crispy green …10.50
Tuna Salad
Tuna SaladTuna, onions, black olives, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled egg, served on a crispy green …9.50


ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
Linguine Marinara
Linguine MarinaraLong pasta cooked with octopus, calamari, prawns, mussels and clams, fish stock, tomatoes and fresh …12.50
Mushroom Risotto (v)
Mushroom Risotto (v)Arborio rice cooked with button mushrooms, porcini, black truffles, brown mushrooms, parmesan and mascarpone cheese.12.50
Penne Al Pollo
Penne Al PolloShort pasta cooked with chicken strips, mushrooms, bacon, chicken stock, parmesan shavings and a touch …10.50
Penne Melting Pot
Penne Melting PotPenne pasta cooked with chicken, mushrooms, bacon, spinach, a touch of blue cheese and parmesan.10.50
Seafood Risotto
Seafood RisottoOctopus, calamari, prawns, mussels, clams and fish stock.12.50
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti BologneseLong pasta with slow cooked beef ragù, prepared to perfection in tomato sauce and fresh …9.50
Spaghetti Rabbit Sauce
Spaghetti Rabbit SauceTraditional rabbit sauce with peas.9.50
Spaghetti Vongole
Spaghetti VongoleLong pasta cooked with clams, olive oil, garlic, chilli fish stock and fresh herbs.10.50


ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
350g Fresh Angus Ribeye Steak
350g Fresh Angus Ribeye SteakCooked to perfection!21.50
Baked Fresh Salmon Fillet
Baked Fresh Salmon FilletBaked fillet of salmon served with prawn sauce on the side.17.50
Braġioli (Beef Olives)
Braġioli (Beef Olives)Prime sliced beef steaks, stuffed withminced beef, braised and served with a rich tomato sauce …14.50
Braised Pork Shanks
Braised Pork ShanksOven slow-cooked pork shanks served in pork jus.16.50
Chicken Romagna
Chicken RomagnaPan roasted breaded chicken breast, parma ham and a creamy parmesan sauce with rucola.16.50
Fresh Dot (Grouper) Fillets
Fresh Dot (Grouper) FilletsFresh grouper fillets cooked grilled or al cartoccio.17.50
Full Rack of BBQ Ribs
Full Rack of BBQ RibsPork back ribs marinated and glazed with hickory BBQ sauce.16.50
Grilled Chicken Breast
Grilled Chicken BreastFresh chicken breast grilled to perfection.14.50
Octopus in Garlic
Octopus in GarlicOctopus cooked in garlic, white wine and cherry tomatoes.16.50
Stewed Traditional Rabbit
Stewed Traditional RabbitSlow cooked rabbit stew with carrots, potatoes and peas.16.50
Traditional Local Rabbit (portion)
Traditional Local Rabbit (portion)Pan fried half local rabbit in white wine and garlic, served with it’s own rabbit …16.50
Whole Traditional Rabbit (serves 2)
Whole Traditional Rabbit (serves 2)Pan fried whole local rabbit in white wine and garlic, served with it’s own rabbit …35.00


ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
BBQ Sauce
BBQ Sauce1.50
Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Creamy Mushroom Sauce1.50
Gorgonzola Sauce
Gorgonzola Sauce1.50
Pepper Sauce
Pepper Sauce1.50


ImageName SummaryNotesPriceOrder
BBQ Chicken
BBQ ChickenTomato sauce, mozzarella, onions, fillets of chicken and BBQ sauce.10.50
Calzone (closed)
Calzone (closed)Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, egg, rucola, parma ham and parmesan shavings.10.50
CapricciosaTomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, black olives, hard-boiled egg and oregano.9.50
Funghi (v)
Funghi (v)Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms and organo.8.50
MaltijaTomato sauce, mozzarella, caponato, Gozo cheese, Maltese sausage and onions.10.00
Margherita (v)
Margherita (v)Tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano.7.50
MarinaraTomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic, shrimps, tuna, anchovies, clams, mussels, calamari and octopus.12.50
ParmaTomato sauce, parma ham, parmesan shavings, cherry tomatoes and rucola.10.50
PepperoniTomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, oregano.8.50
PizzottoTomato sauce, salami and blue cheese, finished with honey dressing.9.50
Quattro Formaggi
Quattro FormaggiCream sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola and emmental cheese.9.50
Quattro Stagioni
Quattro StagioniTomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, salami, peas, black olives, hard boiled egg and oregano.9.50
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